Kenny first started getting into business by assisting his mom with Life and Limb Gel.  He was proud to display his own personalized business cards at 3 years old!


At 4, Kenny discovered his love of cutting paper snowflakes and came up with Kenny's Snowflakes, his first business. 

“I JUST CAN’T STOP MAKING SNOWFLAKES!” he shouted to me with a giant smile and his scissors flying.  There were dozens of snowflakes scattered around the floor, and hundreds of little tiny flecks of paper.  When I asked what he planned on doing with them all, he declared he would sell them for $4.00 each.  $4.00 was a hefty price.  Perhaps $1.00 each I told him.  “No, Mom!  I’m saving for college!” 

With a plan to save, and a mom and dad that matched every deposit he made in the bank, he quickly reached $200.00 in his Savings account.  Seeing him succeed and have fun with something was so rewarding. 

With a silver dollar from Grandma burning a whole in his pocket he purchased a "Bucket O Beads" for 75 cents at the thrift store and declared that he was going into the bead business. Well, we decided to get behind him and let his entrepreneur spirit run wild. 

Jewelry Making

Kenny started making jewelry at 5 years old.  He enjoys necklaces, bracelets, and likes earring making the best.

Soap Making

Kenny and Dakota have enjoyed adding soap making to their business ventures.  The boys enjoy choosing smells and colors and packaging them for sales.