Little Business Men Journey

The Little Business Men have enjoyed a variety of entrepreneurial activities since their start and they do not plan on slowing down any time soon.  Kenny and Dakota enjoyed putting together a bench for the back deck last year and want to continue learning how to put things together.  For Christmas the boys were gifted a variety of tools, plans, and materials to build a simple shed.  Kenny (along with his brother) plans on selling the simple design and using the money to buy more building materials for a more complex design.  If he is successful, he will continue adding new skills while the designs get more involved.  Kenny's plan is to build a tiny house eventually.  He does like to dream big, but also gets distracted.  We decided to stay focused on the task at hand and get our shed built!  We will keep you updated  :)

In The Beginning...

Kenny first started getting into business by assisting his mom with Life and Limb Gel.  He was proud to display his own personalized business cards at 3 years old made by his cousin!


At 4, Kenny discovered his love of cutting paper snowflakes and came up with Kenny's Snowflakes, his first business.   With a plan to save, money for college a a mom and dad that matched every deposit he made in the bank, he quickly reached $200.00 in his Savings account.  Seeing him succeed and have fun with something was so rewarding.  With a silver dollar from Grandma burning a whole in his pocket he purchased a "Bucket O Beads" for 75 cents at the thrift store and declared that he was going into the bead business. We decided to get behind him and let his entrepreneur spirit run wild. 

Jewelry Making

Kenny started making jewelry at 5 years old.  He enjoys necklaces, bracelets, and even earrings.

Dakota joined his brother and loves making necklaces. 

Soap Making

Kenny and Dakota have enjoyed adding soap making to their business ventures.  The boys enjoy choosing smells and colors and packaging them for sales.

Spirit Animal Items

Spirit Animal Necklaces and items are the latest creation.  Even Kobe can help make them!  If we don't have