Starting with the sale of a paper snowflake To raise money for college, Little Business Man has grown so much in the 6 years.  A  necessary name change to Little Business Men in 2015 was a wise move as the now trio team of brothers continue to progress in their business endeavors.  While each boy is unique, they share an entrepreneur spirit which they have inherited from their mother, founder of  


Kenny Frank

President, CEO

Kenny Frank started his business at the age of 3, selling paper snowflakes.  He is 10 years old and has many passions including hand crafting jewelry, math and science, sports, cooking, and learning about native medicines and plants.  He aspires to own a farm and build houses.

Dakota Frank

Vice President

Dakota Frank joined the team at the age of 4.  He has brought a lot to the table with his love of all things Lego!  He loves selling Lego-inspired soaps.  He is now 8 and looks forward to selling in Seabrook this year.  He loves soccer, reading, writing stories, and when he grows up he wants to run the 10,000 meter race as an Olympic Athlete.  

Kobe Frank

Little Business Man In Training

This year is Kobe's first with the Little Business Men team.  He is just 4 years old .  He loves friends, playing with his brothers, and racing Super Mario on the Wii.