The Little Business Men have been known for their quality homemade items since 2013.  Selling jewelry, Lego-inspired soaps, and handwritten books, the now trio team of brothers are excited to share their latest and best creations: Spirit Animal Necklaces.  Buy online or look for them at the Saturday Market in Seabrook, Washington this summer



What is Your Spirit Animal?

Since the creation of words storytelling has been a valuable way to learn lessons, understand cultures, and provide connection.  We can learn to care for others, respect nature, forgive, and grow as individuals to be our best selves.  For a family or group of people to grow as a unit, storytelling can also be a tool for discovering the unique characteristics about the individuals that make up the group.  This builds trust in a group while taking down barriers. Through storytelling, wisdom is shared.

The Frank boys have always found delight in learning about their culture through storytelling and symbolism. They love learning stories of the Norwegian Gods as well as totem animals in Native American folk stories.  While writing their own stories, they decided to do a version of a traditional Native Folk Story.  They enjoyed looking at their own personalities and strengths to find their totem characters.  They discovered more about themselves and each other and how each spirit animal would play a special and unique role in their book.   What do you learn about yourself when you look at  your spirit?  Can it help you grow?  Does it make you feel happy, powerful, or provide you with a sense of purpose?

Today storytelling is not as crucial to survival as it once was. While other methods of communication have replaced these traditions, the powerful tool of storytelling has been lost.  Many people feel disconnected, alone, unseen, and unheard.  The Frank boys feel that spirit animals are a way to keep storytelling alive.  We can all learn about our strengths and find something that connects us all. 


Kenny Frank


Kenny's spirit animal is a dog.  He is social, loving, and loyal.  He is never selfish and always has the needs of his pack in mind. Kenny is trainable and enjoys hard work and always aims to please.   

Dakota Frank


Dakota feels his strengths and nature best represent a cougar.  He is independent, athletic, confident, sleek and decisive.  Some cultures feel that the cougar means "destined for great things" and Dakota will go far in whatever he pursues.

Kobe Frank


Kobe's family feels the raccoon is the spirit animal that most resembles him.  He is adorable, he loves his family, he is playful, smart, mischievous, and can be quite vicious and scary at times! 


How Do I Find My Spirt Animal?

There are many ideas about how people find a spirit animal. Whatever works for you is the right way since there are no wrong ways. Sometimes people feel a certain connection to an animal or find that a special animal shows up at meaningful times or in dreams. For others, it may not be as clear. If you are looking for your spirit animal, the best way is to look inside yourself or ask a friend for some guidance. Go over these questions with a friend to learn about what makes you special.

  • Do you do your best workwhen you are alone or do you enjoy teamwork?
  • What is something you are passionate about?
  • Are you shy and reserved or are you obnoxious and loud?
  • Are you goofy or serious?
  • Do you love to get up early or stay up late?
  • Do you enjoy working hard or do you take the easy path in life?
  • Do you have a secret super-power?
  • Do you feel drawn to a particular animal?

Spirit animals should just be for fun, so do not stress if you do not find one easily. As you change and develop as a person, maybe you find drawn to a new animal and that’s OK, too! Dakota himself started as a bobcat, but as his confidence and athleticism grew, he felt that he was evolving into a cougar: he felt bigger and mightier and a cougar became his new spirit animal just like that. Hopefully learning about your spirit animal will help you relate to others as well as yourself. You can think about what areas your friends struggle or excel. Spirit animals can help you see the value in what makes us all unique and can be a way to bring storytelling back to life.